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808/.06634 NEU 2011
Legal writing /
DDC 808/.06634
Tác giả CN Neumann, Richard K.,
Nhan đề Legal writing / Richard K. Neumann, Jr., Sheila Simon
Lần xuất bản 2nd ed.
Thông tin xuất bản New York, NY :Aspen Publishers,2011
Mô tả vật lý xxvi, 370 p. :ill., forms ;26 cm.
Tùng thư Aspen coursebook series
Thuật ngữ chủ đề Legal composition
Từ khóa tự do Kỹ năng viết
Từ khóa tự do Tiếng Anh pháp lý
Tác giả(bs) CN Simon, Sheila J.,
Địa chỉ DHLĐọc sinh viênA(1): DSVA 000346
000 02733nam a2200349 a 4500
008180706s2011 nyuak b 001 0 eng
0091 0
020 |a9780735599949|c2438000
0410 |aeng
044 |aUS
05000|aKF250|b.N484 2011
08200|a808/.06634|bNEU 2011|222 ed.
1001 |aNeumann, Richard K.,|d1947-
24510|aLegal writing /|cRichard K. Neumann, Jr., Sheila Simon
250 |a2nd ed.
260 |aNew York, NY :|bAspen Publishers,|c2011
300 |axxvi, 370 p. :|bill., forms ;|c26 cm.
4901 |aAspen coursebook series
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references and index
5050 |aWriting and professional work -- Inside a rule of law -- More about rules -- Inside a statute and outlining one -- Inside a judicial opinion ("a case") -- Reading a case for issues, rules, and determinative facts -- Policy and why courts care about it -- Selecting the most appropriate cases, statutes, and other authority --Working with cases -- Working with statutes -- Getting to know yourself as a writer -- Inside the process of writing -- How professional writers plan their writing -- Office memorandum format -- Predictive writing in an office memorandum -- CREAC : a formula for structuring proof of a conclusion of law -- Varying the sequence and depth of rule explanation and rule application -- Advanced CREAC : organizing more than one issue -- Working with CREAC in first drafts and in later drafts -- Paragraphing -- Writing an effective sentence -- Effective style : clarity, vividness, and conciseness -- Citing authority -- Quoting effectively -- Client advice letters -- Email memoranda -- What persuades a court? -- Writing a motion memorandum -- The statement of the case in a motion memo or appellate brief -- Developing a persuasive story -- Telling the story persuasively -- The argument in a motion memo or appellate brief -- Point headings and subheadings -- Appellate practice -- Writing the appellate brief -- Handling standards of review -- Making policy arguments -- Questions presented -- Oral argument
650 0|aLegal composition
653 |aKỹ năng viết
653 |aTiếng Anh pháp lý
7001 |aSimon, Sheila J.,|d1961-
852|aDHL|bĐọc sinh viên|cA|j(1): DSVA 000346
925 |aG
926 |a0
927 |aSH
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