Assessing the World Trade Organization (168)


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     Tác giả: Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman, Joost Pauwelyn

     Nhà xuất bản: Cambridge University Press

     Năm xuất bản: 2018

     Địa chỉ tài liệu: Phòng đọc 2 - Giá số 24.


Table of Contents:

Part I. Introduction and Setting the Stage:

1. Introduction Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman and Joost Pauwelyn

2. Thinking about the performance of the World Trade Organization: a discussion across disciplines Manfred Elsig, Bernard Hoekman and Joost Pauwelyn

Part II. New Insight from the Early Times:

3. The GATT's starting point: tariff levels circa 1947 Chad P. Bown and Douglas A. Irwin

4. Negotiating in the early GATT: norms, rules and the US tariff schedule Judith Goldstein and Robert Gulotty

Part III. General Trends and Patterns in WTO Dispute Settlement:

5. Dispute settlement in the WTO: from a deliberately designed to a spontaneously grown order Frieder Rossler

6. About the melting of icebergs: political and economic determinants of dispute initiation and resolution in the WTO Dirk de Bievre, Arlo Poletti and Aydin Yildirim

7. The WTO dispute settlement system: consolidating success and confronting new challenges Giorgio Sacerdoti

8. Does trade comply? The economic effect(iveness) of the WTO dispute settlement process Soo Yeon Kim and Tobias Hofmann

Part IV. Zooming in on Specific Debates:

9. Twenty years of third party participation at the WTO: what have we learned? Krzysztof J. Pelc

10. Mind the gap: navigating between the WTO agreement and its accession protocols Julia Qin

11. The age of innocence - the evolution of the case-law of the WTO dispute settlement: subsidies as a case-study Luca Rubini

12. The presence of the World Trade Organization within preferential trade agreements Todd Allee and Manfred Elsig

13. The WTO and regional trading agreements: is it all over for multilateralism? L. Alan Winters

14. Performance and international organisations' borders: the case of the World Trade Organization Cedric Dupont and Manfred Elsig

15. The GATT/WTO system and national trade policies: which comes first? Joseph Michael Finger.

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