World Trade Law : Text, Materials and Commentary (158)


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     Tác giả: Simon Lester, Bryan Mercurio and Arwel Davies

     Nhà xuất bản: Hart Publishing

     Năm xuất bản: 2018

     Địa chỉ tài liệu: Phòng đọc 2 - Giá số 24.                                                          

Table of Contents:

Part I: Introduction to the Legal and Economic Aspects of World Trade Regulation
1. Introduction to World Trade Law
Part II: History, Institutional Aspects and the Relationship between World Trade Law, International Law and Domestic Law
2. The History and Institutions of the Multilateral Trading System
3. World Trade Law and International Law
4. World Trade Law and Domestic Law
Part III: Dispute Settlement in the WTO
5. The Settlement of Disputes in the GATT/WTO
Part IV: Traditional GATT Obligations
6. Border Measures: Tariffs and Quotas
7. Non-Discrimination: MFN and National Treatment
Part V: GATT Exceptions
8. Bilateral/Regional Trade Agreements
9. The Article XX 'General Exceptions': Health, the Environment, Compliance Measures, Public Morals and More
Part VI: Remedies for Fair and Unfair Trade
10. Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
11. Dumping and Anti-dumping Measures
12. Safeguards
Part VII: Beyond Trade in Goods: Domestic Regulation, Services, Investment, Procurement and Intellectual Property
13. The SPS and TBT Agreements
14. Trade in Services
15. Trade and Investment
16. Government Procurement
17. Trade and Intellectual Property: The TRIPS Agreement
Part VIII: Social Policy Issues
18. Developing Countries in the Multilateral Trading System
19. Linkages between Trade and Social Policies

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