Protection of Legitimate Expectations in Investment Treaty Arbitration: A Theory of Detrimental Reliance (99)





     Tác giả: Teerawat Wongkaew

     Nhà xuất bản:  Cambridge University Press

     Năm xuất bản: 2019

Table of contents:

1. The Value of Hohfeldian Neutrality when Theorising about Legal Rights Andrew Halpin

2. Legal Competence and Legal Power Visa AJ Kurki

3. In Defence of the Interest Theory of Right-Holding: Rejoinders to Leif Wenar on Rights Matthew H Kramer

4. Desires, Interests and Claim-Rights Simon Cabulea May

5. Legal Powers and the Will and Interest Theories of Rights James Penner

6. Public Goods, Individual Rights and Third-Party Benefits Gopal Sreenivasan

7. The Tracking Theory of Rights Mark McBride

8. The Circularity of the Interest and Will Theories of Rights Rowan Cruft

9. Adequacy Constraints for a Theory of Rights Siegfried Van Duffel

10. Respectful Adjudication of Rights Conflicts Anna-Karin Andersson

11. Corrective Rights Hillel Steiner

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